Opening hours and prices

Address: C/ Mallorca, 401 Barcelona
Phone: +34 932 080 414, fax: +34 934 761 010.

Opening hours:
From October to March from 9AM to 18PM
From April to September from 9AM to 20PM

Metro: line 5 and line 2
Bus: Stop at Mallorca street: lines 19 - 33 - 34 - 43 - 44 - 50 - 51
Tourist Bus circuit

Regular tickets: 8 euro
Youth<26 card holders: 5 euro
ISIC Card holders: 5 euro

The ticket includes the Façade of the Nativity and the Façade of the Passion, the cloister and the Portal of the Rosary. You can visit the Museum and the exhibition called "L'obrador de Gaudí" (Gaudi's Workshop) that is located at the School building. Also you can walk up the towers of the Façade of the Nativity.

Guided Tour: Fee per person: 3,00 euros (Additional to the entrance fee)
Individual Fee + Guided Tour: 11 euro

Combined Ticket (Temple Sagrada Famìlia + House-Museum Gaudí at Park Güell): 9 euro. Valid for a month. One visit per monument.

Official website:

The Sagrada Família (El Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family) is one of the symbols of Barcelona. The original project was elaborated by the architect Fancesc de P. del Villar, but a year after the fisrt stone was laid, Villar renounced the work, and Gaudí took charge of it.

A donation allowed changing the original plans to a more ambitious project around 1893. Gaudi decided to complete a façade in order to let future generations finish the temple freely: the Birth front was finished about 1900 when the towers that will give the Gaudí aspect to the temple were started. When Gaudí died (1926), the architect D. Sugranyes finished the three unfinished towers. The works were suspended from 1935 to 1952. From 1952 the new Passion front was erected, whose towers were inaugurated in 1976.

La Sagrada Familia
A view of La Sagrada Familia

In 1986 J. M. Subirachs was put in charge of the Passion front sculptures. The continuity of the temple has been the source of an active debate, since there is not an overall project plan and the work of Subirach and other sculptors assigned with the jobs of finishing the fronts differ greatly from the original style.

Gaudí's goal was to create a cathedral for the 20th century, a synthesis of his architectural knowledge, and also a deeply symbolic work to explain the mysteries of faith. There would be facades representing the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ and eighteen towers symbolizing the twelve Apostles, the four Evangelists, and the Virgin Mary and Christ.

The constructed part is open to visitors as well as the Museu del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família with maquettes and drawings showing the construction process. The towers can be climbed as well and offer a great view of the city.

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