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When to go

The quick answer would be… Always! This city is just great at any time of the year. It would depend on your interests, but let’s have a more detailed look at how is Barcelona’s weather across the year. Knowing what is going on in the city during the time of your visit, could be also very useful for better planning and no miss any events.


In Winter

From January to March, It’s not bikini season but coat season! Since Barcelona is a metropolitan city, even if you can’t enjoy the beach during winter months, you still can enjoy the city. It’s not as cold as Germany or Poland, most of the time the Sun is shining and it counts with a large offer of museums and inside activities. And even walking around is enjoyable if you wear a warm jacket and make a couple of stops for Cafe Bombó to warm up and get some extra energy. You can actually still go to the beach and enjoy the sunset on not so cold days. Another advantage, not long lines and fewer crowd pictures. Temperatures are between 8°C to 15°C degrees.


In Spring

Not too hot, not too cold! Between April and June, just before the high touristic season starts is an ideal time for visiting the city. Temperatures are between 17°C and 25°C degrees. There could be some raining days, especially during April. Barcelona is a city that is always very colourful, but during spring it turns into a beautiful garden full of flowers.


In Summer

This is the busiest touristic time of the year. During July and middle September, the city is pack full of visitors enjoying temperatures between 26-34 degrees, walking in the city and lying down to take the sun at the Barceloneta beach. Humidity also reaches its peak points during these moths. High season also means prices are on their top, in order to save in your reservations, we recommend you to book your hotels and flight in advance (links). There is also possible to buy most of the tickets to the most important attractions online in advance (link).


In Autumn

The same as Spring, this time of the year is great for visiting the city, after passing the high touristic season but before is getting cold. From middle September to December, temperatures are between 14°C and 24°C degrees. During these months are usually some raining days, however, there are still many things you can do in spite of the rain. Also, the city gets a beautiful golden look due to the autumn colours. It’s a perfect time for gorgeous pictures.


//Remember that these recommendations are general tips, but temperatures can change day by day, especially lately as consequence of climate change.